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98.6 body temperature is the average but it doesn't mean that its the norm for everyone. My normal body temperature is usually 96.8 when I feel fine and sometimes I feel ill if it's the "normal" 98.6. I had a friend whose normal body temp was 98.6 but when she was sick instead of her body temp being higher it was much lower, sometimes as low as the 95s. When she would tell a doctor about that they said to come in if it drops below 95 because its a risk of hypothermia.

If her temp is constantly high it could be a sign that she has a sensitive immune system and that her body is working hard to fight pathogens or could even be caused by mild allergies.

It might also help to take her temperature at different times or to look at what times you are taking it (after activity, eating, or waking up) as well as how (mouth, ear, forehead, ect) because body temperature can fluctuate easily depending on these factors.
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