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Question CA Providers - Safe Sleep Practices

Wondering if you can clarify, is it ever ok for a provider licensed in your state to allow infants to sleep in "rockers?" (or elsewhere for that matter)

Reason I ask is I ran across a parent in that state who was pretty excited her infant was sleeping so much better in her providers care that way. So excited she went out and purchased on herself for at home.

I thought it was pretty much a nationwide reg that babies are only allowed to sleep in approved cribs/pnp's, flat mattress, empty space but she had me second guessing myself.

I always thought CA was even stricter when it came to that rule than most?

Didn't mean to rain on her parade and I'm hoping I'm wrong, but still felt the need to warn her of the risk. I did link her here to clarify directly but I'm not sure she'll take me up on the offer......thanks for the help if anyone knows
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