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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is not the same situation. You're right, as an employee, my employer grants me paid vacation based on how long I've been employed. But, if we hired a service provider such as a consultant, we would not pay them to go on vacation. We would pay them for their billable hours. Daycares should have billable hours.

Think of it as any other owner ran business. If the business is closed for the day, they are sacrificing the income that may have normally been provided that day.

A daycare provider makes their decision when they decide to become self employed. They (as the company) are responsible for paying themselves and their employees vacation time - not me as the customer. The daycare rates are not direct payroll to the provider. They cover payroll, operating costs, etc. If the business is ran properly, payroll should still be able to be covered if the provider is on vacation. Collecting fees when no service is provided is just greedy - and actually unlike any other business situation.

Oy vey can we please stop rehashing this thread?

I assume you have a childcare arrangement without paid time off for your provider, right? Then why are you complaining? If you signed a contract- you agreed to the policies. If not, go elsewhere.

IF I charged parents more to cover my paid time off, and decreased rates for the days off, it would end up costing THEM significantly more, even $1/day is more $ than paying for the time off that I take.
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