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Default Baby Powder Lover

I can't tell you how much of this that I use on a regular basis. I think its nonsense that you need a prescription to use it and if you are sending your child with diaper rash, then you as a daycare professional should be taking care of the child. If they took care of their children, then they wouldn't have to worry if you had to take measures into your own hands to fix the situation. Too many people get "bend out of shape" over the dumbest things.

Anyways, I have been using both the diaper rash cream and the diaper rash powder mainly as a precaution for everyday use. It is very easy for my child to get a rash and I would would have been extremely grateful for you taking care of a problem before it got out of hand. The funny part is if you would have left it alone and it got worse, they wouldn't have been more pissed. People if you can't take care of your child or have a million issues and special treatments, then take care of your ON YOUR OWN. Sorry, but people bug me with their "issues". If you have special conditions, then maybe you should stay home and watch your own child.

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