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Originally Posted by MomBoss View Post
A DCM was carrying her 3 year old down the stairs in my daycare. She either tripped or lost her balance and fell down the stairs. She hurt her ankle, although I dont think she broke it or sprained it because she was still able to put weight on it and it didnt swell or turn blue, she was going to go have it checked out anyway.
It got me thinking, since this is her negligence by carrying her child down the stairs when the child was able to walk themselves, would I be responsible if her ankle is broken?
Now i feel like I need a policy about carrying your child down the stairs otherwise she either would not have tripped or she would have held on to the railing..

It's YOUR responsibility but it's DCM's fault.

It happened on your property so unfortunately you are liable. It's the price we pay for opening our homes/property to clients for business.

Its her fault she choose to carry her child and even if you had a rule that she couldn't carry her, the liability still falls on you.
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