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Angry Just started working at daycare and i will probably report them

So I've noticed some problems with the daycare but I just started last Friday... One thing I noticed is that they put the kids in the highchair when they miss behave. One of the ladies holds one of the toddlers down to get him to sleep. Like holds him down with the blanket on his head (she said he likes it like that). They let the babies cry in the infant room and leave them in the bouncers and kinda rock them to keep falling asleep. Like they just want all the babies to sleep. 6 month old crying in the bouncer I took her out and played with her. Also, The infant teachers were MISERABLE! no hello or smile.

One of the teachers (and probably more) are not qualified. They got lead teachers who haven't even completed their introductory certificate. And a lot of the teachers use one of the teachers as a scared tactic. Like if a kid is not being nice they will ask the kid if they want that teacher to come in and the kid gets scared and says no and listens. I saw like two teachers pick up some kids by their arm!

Teachers get free daycare and can bring their kid in their classroom (even if not of age) they don't watch the monitors (previous teacher arrested on child abuse charges). Idk, I just started and I already hate it! Oh, and the lead teacher brought out some worksheets and dead-ass let the kids "work" on them for like 5 minutes. It was a shape worksheet and none of the kids were even doing it right and she wasn't explaining it to them.

They basically play all day and sleep for like 2 hours. These are 2/3 y/o. Idk what to do. I need a job should I wait a few months and then leave and anonymously report them? Also, a lot of the kids are foster. And the owner straight up told me the kids she didn't like and her least favorite rooms. I always hear kids screaming somewhere and crying. They have a gold seal!
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