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Originally Posted by MomBoss View Post
Not daycare related but..
I needed to register my son for 3rd grade at his new assigned school since we moved. We still stayed in the district so this should have been easy. My mom goes for me to drop off the paperwork since as providers, its hard for us to take time off especially when the window the school is open in the summer is so small. They tell my mom she cant be the one to register. She says she doesn’t understand why if all they need is the paperwork, which she has. They said no they need to physicallly see mom or dad. Ok so i go, my mom is my backup provider and she had one hour before she had to go to work so i run down there to register him. I give her the registration and the paperwork to prove we are in the district, our closing papers. First she cant find where it says buyer. Umm..borrower is the same thing. Then she cant find my name in the paperwork. Well my name isnt on the title. I say its dads name. Then she asks me if hes on the birth certificate. Weird question since the birth certificate wasn’t required for registration. I said no...then she says “oh so hes step dad, so he doesnt actually have any educational rights” and some other stuff she said that i tuned out because i was getting angry. My son has no other legal dad, so if i say this man is his dad and im allowing him rights, then he has rights. I kept telling her its a complicated situation. Then she asked if we were married (still dont see why its relevant, what is she gonna ask for a marraige certificate??) i said no. So she goes “oh so your not even married and hes not even step dad” i still dont understand why shes asking me all these questions. So i asked the lady if it would be easier if he write me a lease agreement since no one has ever heard of fiancées living together...
Mind you, we are talking about this in front of everyone and i find this to be personal info. She tells me my fiancee has to be the one to come in. Why didnt she say that in the first place?!?!? The person on the title needs to come in. Geezzz!! What a waste of time. I just feel frustrated because if we all had the same last name im sure she wouldnt have asked all those questions. It seemed judgemental.
I'm sure this was frustrating

Not sure what state you are in, but in my county, people are always trying to give other family-members' addresses to get in a certain school zone. Plus nowadays there are extended family members leaving town with children with no "legal rights". We are living in a different time with so much the school has to deal with. A few bad apples spoil the bunch for sure! While you were telling the truth, there were probably many who weren't.
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