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Please just pick up your kids and GO.

I do not want you hanging around for 20 minutes talking to my husband (who usually hides in our room when dcd is here, but wasn't fast enough last night) - especially when you are my last pick-up.

To make matters worse, dcd let his kids run wild all over our yard and did not keep an eye on them ONCE. So, that left me watching them and making sure they weren't going to get hurt.

It wasn't until my husband asked me if I was ready to go to town (excuse to get dcd to leave) that he got the hint.

Oh, and I had to round up his kids because he was just yelling at them to get in the car, but of course they didn't listen.

Do parents really think that we don't have anything else to do once their child goes home?? Our days don't end at the last pick-up!
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