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Exclamation Baby Cries When Dad Leaves... But Not Mom

The baby’s mother made a comment about her child being well behaved when he is dropped off... and I couldn’t help the look of surprise on my face. She asked me if he wasn’t, and I told her that whenever the baby’s father leaves to go to work, he cries. I think she was upset at this, based on a comment that she made afterward. The baby cries when the father leaves him, but never when she does. I feel like I would be jealous myself, if my child cried over the other parent leaving, but not when I did. Is there anything I can say to help the situation? I offered a suggestion “I think he sees his father less”, but she didn’t seem to think that was true. Is it even my job to try and make things better, when this kind of thing is not uncommon? Did any of you have a situation like this with your own child(ren)?
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