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How the parent handles the morning routine and drop off makes a huge difference! I once had a child in care for over a year. Mom and Dad were not together, I actually never met Dad until Mom started pushing for Dad to bring DCB on his weekday that he usually had him. Drop off with Mom was always uneventful. The first day Dad did it, the kid flipped out! Dad, of course, assumed this was the norm and looked at me like I was a monster. I tried to tell him that this wasn't typical, but hard to do with a screaming child. He left, DCB was fine within 5 minutes of us doing our usual routine. Dad comes back, says "I can't leave him here like this..." It was great fun to go through putting his shoes back on him, collecting his things, etc.... I should've made him do it, but I just wanted them gone. I got up early for this drop off.

I talked to Mom, suggested Dad prepare DCB that he was coming here that morning, etc and the next time went much better.

So, if your DCB isn't used to spending the morning with Dad or Dad is all over the place with the routine or DCB gets to say watch TV all morning and then comes to daycare. Well, of course things are not going to go well because the child is thrown for a loop, just like my poor 3 year old DCB who thought he was getting another fun day with Dad and ends up here with me.

Just a thought.
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