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Default Kidkare Actual Phone Number

Yes, they actually do have a phone number. You can talk to a real, live, breathing person.


I closed in April and can no longer access my account because I don't belong to a food program. Makes sense, I guess.

I've been paying for the Pro version until I do my taxes. Actually since day one, I've paid.

I've been emailing back and forth for two days.

Just reset your password. Oh, use your email and reset. Try again, blah, blah, blah.

This morning's email - contact your food program, they have to reactivate your account. (( OKAAAY)). Poor lady kinda chuckled, we can't reactivate your account, you're not a provider anymore. She gave me their phone number.

I called MM, oh, we just need a new email address and we'll set up a new account and you'll have access to all of your old records.
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