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Originally Posted by Annalee View Post
Parents today don't know what to do with their kid. That's why kids don't know how to play or anything else for that matter.
agreed! I had a child at an interview incapable of putting marks on paper with a crayon. At 4. But I learned all about a youtube show called Ryan's World. His parents thought he was so smart that he could turn on the ipad and access his shows by himself. He couldn't recognize colors. The interview became uncomfortable quickly. I did not enroll or wait list.

Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
How annoying. Sorry.

"DCM, give me your car, I said please."
I have done this. I have taken pens, sunglasses, and keys out of a parents hand to demonstrate during 'he says the kids don't share' conversations. NO sharing and TURN TAKING are NOT the same thing at 3 years old.
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