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shelleyp98 12:33 PM 12-02-2014
I am a inhome care provider for about 3 yrs. I have 6 kids in care 3 are state subsidized 3 are private pay. the problem I have is the subsidized parents think that I can watch their children 12-15 hrs a day. I need to redo my contracts. I am flexible with parents times, but I am getting stressed out and pains in the chest. NO GOOD. I am paid 24 to 30 per day per child, (NOT ALOT) and I have parents schedules all over the place. mostly 8:30-5:30. now one of them took on a second job and expects 9-2 and 3-9 in the same day I said I cant. so I need to redo my contracts with time contraints. and do I let each individual parent know what I am being paid from the state for the child per day? they think I am making lots of $$, when I cant pay my mtg ontime. I have parents 3 mths behind on subsidy pmts. ( I have notified them of possible termination of benefits from the state program if not pd up by mths end). The late pickups are killing me as well. this one parent is single mom, but she leaves her child with me 12-15 hrs a day. too much.