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Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle View Post

As for the interview - don't you have to do one in the current system to get on the waitlist in the first place? It could still be a part of the process.
No I don't have time to tour every family that contacts me, if I did I would never see my family and families don't want to tour a place that doesn't currently have space for their child. The majority of us on this board are home day cares, some have employees but most don't and others are teacher in a centers.

When I get a call, I find out what days and times they need care plus child's age. If it is something that will work, we continue. If not then I offer to add them to my list (and the address of the state website for a list of DC) If they agree, I take there name and contact info, plus some other info and add it to list. If and when something comes available, I check my list for days, times and child age, then contact the families that my needs. If they still need care, then they come for a tour, if the don't then I remove them from the list. Sometimes if it has been a while, I send an email states that I am cleaning up my wait-list, if you would like to stay on my list please let me know by xx day. When I do this it eliminates 90% because none of them are waiting around for me to get an opening, they continue to look until they find care.

Basically my list is a call back list if something comes available and I don't feel like me contacting them back is unsolicited.
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