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You know why this is ridiculous? Because while you are concentrating on a business model and a supposed way to have more money you are forgetting about the social aspect of this concept.

Line cutting is considered unethical. It's rude and is considered unacceptable in almost all cultures.

Those people that feel it's their right (even when they paid for it) to step in front of the line where others are waiting sends a clear message.

It says "I am better and so much more important than ALL of you."

....and unfortunately that model of humanity isn't something daycare providers believe or invest in.

Child care is a business but it's also a social situation.
Academic lessons as well as social lessons are taught on a daily basis and no where in those lessons and teachable moments is there room to teach someone one that money makes you more important or a priority.

I think a big part of why you are receiving so much push back with this theory is because you are severely underestimating child care providers and their ability to be sensible, caring and ethical human beings.

Basically your theory suggests we exploit the very people we are devoting our lives to helping.

That in and of itself says a lot about what the general public doesn't understand about the child care world.

There have been many studies done in regards to paying for the "right" to step in front of others and none of them really have a very positive outcome. Most of them found that society is generally more apt to help others and to do the right thing without being paid to do so.

Social order is a requirement for a society to operate smoothly. There are social norms and rules that most people follow simply because it's the right thing to do.

Your business model of sticking it to those that can't afford to be first or front of the line demonstrates a lack of morals and the ability to understand other people's perspectives.

Failure to have empathy and understanding of members within the same social group is a dangerous position to be in.
Narcissism comes to mind. As does Lord of the Flies

Anyways, my point is that while paying more to cut in line might work for some business models it does not work in child care.

There is a cost to cut in line but the cost is not monetary. I am sorry you are not able to see that.
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