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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
My waitlist is about 3 years, now. I charge what I need to earn to meet my financial obligations, keep an emergency fund and life insurance, take a couple of vacations per year and fund my IRA. It has nothing to do with whom is on the list. I also have no desire to earn more, more money = more problems in my experience. I love my life as it is.

My tuition rate is fixed, increases yearly (just like my clients' wages) and reflects inflation in my region. I am not sure what you mean by "vary the pricing based on the number of customers". It has nothing to do with the number of customers, that is a fixed number, too, set by my regulations. I did not choose it and feel it is low for my ability.

Maybe OP should petition the state of Washington to increase ratios based on the education of the staff. Teachers with masters degrees are capable of caring for more children than those without, based on the logic in this thread, correct?

I am licensed for 16 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years. I enroll only children 2+, therefor the 4 under 2 does not apply to me. I hold a bachelor's in ECE and my assistant holds a CDA, pursuing an associates in ECE with an eventual ST degree.

Now, *I* feel that we can easily manage more children and my waiting list would be shortened by about 6-12 months IF the state would allow us to waive enrolling children under 2, and enroll 20 children ages 2-6 instead of 16.

THAT makes more sense to ME than charging more money (we are currently the highest priced in home in our zip code) with a waiting list that is full for September of 2020 because I refuse to do the paperwork to extend it beyond a year.

Siblings take priority. (more money)
Full time takes priority. (more money)

If we raised rates any higher (and we do, annually) we would be at local center rates, who do NOT have a waiting list and are actively seeking enrollment.
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