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Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
My nephew (29 now) and I were talking when he was in high school. I said something about a record (album), and he said "what's a record?". I still remember using a reel to reel machine, the "ditto" copier at school, 8-tracks, and cassettes. Laser discs and Beta movies, too. I'm sure it is confusing to kids who are so young when we talk about stuff like that!
I still have the reel to reel player my parents had when I was a child. It's so cool! My mom recorded my brother and I singing Old McDonald Had a Farm when we were about 2 and 3 yrs old.

I have our old slide projector too... never know when the kids come visit and I might want to have a 3 hour presentation of vacation slides to watch or even better, a 575 slide show from Vietnam.

I also saved my parents' collection of 45's (record albums and vinyl ARE making a comeback ) and my dad's extensive 8 track tapes of all the old country singers. Never know when I get an inkling for Tom Jones or maybe a little Conway Twitty.
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