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mrs.meg 10:07 AM 06-09-2011

I had told all of you about my breakfast situation, it has been one week since school has been out and we have not been doing breakfast, and I already have a mom who came in today with her boys and 2 unwrapped honey buns and told them they could go eat at the table, the other day one of the boys who tends to eat very very slow, had 1/2 of a donut, since I didn't say anything, I guess she had to push the envelope. Yesterday, one of the boys didn't have breakfast, but my snacks are much better than their breakfasts, but I do not give large portions, a snack is a snack.

I do feel a little bad and I knew that honey buns and donuts are what they eat for breakfast, but I have 5 of my own children and cannot be responsible for them to. We are doing a healthy snack in the morning, and one of the boys refuses to eat it. He eats nothing nutritious except carrots.

Should I put it in writing just as a friendly reminder or should I just tell her in person, which would be the less of 2 evils? I know she will get upset and is there a way to word this that would not come across as rude? I would have said something this morning but I was really frustrated and knew I would be rude if I opened my mouth, sometimes I have to chill out for a bit. It is just not right for them to be eating "treats" while my girls are eating their oatmeal, though surprisingly my girls didn't say anything.