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mrs.meg 04:43 PM 06-09-2011
Thanks Live and learn, I will talk to her face to face, I just hate confrontation, so I guess I am a little afraid and it is stupid!

It is like the opposite of the mom going to McD's. She and her mother (the grandmother) have brought them in with donuts and it drives me crazy. I would never take my child to a house full of kids with just a few mini donuts for them, that is so rude and donuts are pretty cheap, why would you not just bring them for everyone? Sometimes when I keep my husband's nieces, they bring 2 mini-chocolate donuts each. They said that this is their breakfast every day, even on the weekends. I think I would starve to death!

Catherder, Good point about telling her what a snack is. Her boys are very small and are not big eaters unless it involves sugar anyway.