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Originally Posted by Pepperth View Post
I've been reading the message boards about marketing, and I'm trying to figure out a few new ideas. When I google "preschool" and my city, the school at which I work doesn't show up on the map of suggestions. In fact, it doesn't show up on the first page of google results. (there is not that many preschools in this town, so its not a great excuse really.) Does anybody know how to make it appear on the map on google or as one of the first hits?

I am presenting a few other marketing ideas such as a referral system and boosting a facebook ad. Are there any other money-conscious ideas out there?
Have you guys claimed your Google Business spot? If not you can do it and create a basic listing for free to add yourselves on the map. Add your website address to your ad and use creative content. Add your logo, appealing photos of your space (great lighting, appealing angles etc). And add searchable tags to your listing (daycare, child care, childcare, your city, etc). All will boost your spot in the listing for free, you may want to bite the bullet and pay for a higher listing like Michael says but even then the options above will also boost you even with a paid boost.
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