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Over the past 6 months I've started 3 babies at 11months. Plus my own toddler who is now 15mo (the others range from 15mo-18mo now).

To me, that sounds pretty normal. Even at 15mo, 16mo and 18mo my DCKs are still VERY oral and I'm always saying, "Not in your mouth, please."

My own toddler learned to walk at 11mo but none of my DCKs walked until 14mo. With all of them it was like a switch flicked...crawling only, some furniture cruising, and then BAM they started walking.

My older 3 children all learned to walk at variable youngest walker was DD at 9 months (walking exclusively! no crawling.). My oldest walker was my 2nd DS who was 17mo before he took steps (he's a developmentally normal 3.5yo now). My other two kids were in the middle at 11mo each.

I think she sounds normal.
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