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Default Just An Opinion On 13 Months Old

I have been caring for a 13 months old girl for almost 3 months now. Now, what do you think about this...

She is still crawling, does not stand up (only fora few seconds), she spends her day crawling around looking for things to eat from the floor (from food crumbles under the table and high chairs), to whatever she can find that can fit in her mouth. She seems overly obsessed with putting things in her mouth, and doesn not care at all about anything else we do.

I have kids of my own, and I have cared for many other babies, and I am aware that each child develops at different times, and they explore by "tasting",but I start to get concerned to the fact that she is not trying, nor she is interested, in learning to stand up, and eventually let go and try to walk, and she seems obsessed with whatever she can eat.

I thought she may be hungrier than others so, I added 2 more snacks in her menu, but it didn't help...

All the infants I have watched before, and those I care for now were off walking before 12 months, and are interested in many other things other than sticking stuff in their mouth.

What do you think? how are your infants?
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