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Default Double-Paying For Days w/ No Refunds

My child has been attending the same daycare for over 3 years now and I generally like it very much. I get DHS-subsidized daycare because I am in school and the father provides no help. Everytime I recertify to DHS for my daycare benefits, I usually get cut off for a couple days. (The father is recieving food stamps for the child even though he is court-ordered in my custody, so DHS always questions which parent the child stays with).

Last december, I payed about $150 of days that were not at first covered by DHS, but I back-swiped all the days and they were approved. The director said the payments I had would be added to my accout. However, when it came time to pay yearly registration fees there was no money in my account.

A couple of weeks ago, this happened again (DHS was slow to get my daycare turned on). This time, a new teacher asked me to leave work to come pick up my child or bring payment for the day right away. In the past, they have usually given my a couple of extra days to pay, knowing that I can backswipe up to ten days. I only payed to 2 days this time, but the backswipes were approved, so how do I try to get refunded for these days?
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