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Default Daycare Registration Fee charged yearly

I too think that it's absurd to charge that fee. Registration fee means to register initially. Filling out paperwork and what not. If it's being used for any other reason besides that then it is not a registration fee, it is just a fee.

The daycare my daughter is in charges that fee every year but our state assistance program only pays it once and thats the first year you enroll. I think that if your child is not disenrolled then each year that reg fee does not need to be charged. If that money is being used for any other reason besides the registration of the child, it is not a reg fee. If you are using it for supplies tax wise, it's income to you. It's a donation to the parent and they should be receiving a tax donation form. If it's being used to pay salaries then it needs to be noted as an annual non refundable fee not a registration fee.

I'm an accountant and tax advisor. Charging a fee for something and using it for something else is against the law and punishable by the IRS.
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