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Originally Posted by Country Kids View Post
What happens though if one stumbles and starts to fall. Do they all fall? Would it knock everyone off balance?
If one falls down.....that's all that happens. Because the harness has leeway, if someone trips they don't take down the whole bunch. No one else is affected. I'm pretty sure they show this in the video that's underneath the picture on the above website - hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm not sure if it's just how my current bunch handles things, but if one trips, they use both hands to pull themselves up using the handle and continue the walk. I've had kids who skinned their knees and they just keep on walking. They're tough cookies

Suggestion: You'll always want to put the youngest ones in the back because they are slower. If they are in front, the older ones naturally walk faster so they get rushed and this actually causes more stumbles. If the oldest ones are in front, it helps a lot by getting the younger ones to walk faster without being pushed from behind. My turtle walkers become joggers until they start walking at a faster pace.
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