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Originally Posted by daycare View Post
thanks for posting that. the only reason I am looking at the one I posted is because we go out of the house LOTS.. I currently have one child that is a runner. He will not listen or stay with the group.

The one you posted, is there a way to secure the device to the child??
No, but I use caribeaner (mountain climber clips) clips to secure the kids when we were learning to use it. I just added a smaller loop of rope and secure it onto their belt loop or their wrist (loosely). After all the kids have learned to hang on and NOT let go without permission, then we started venturing off our property. It didn't take them long to learn to stay put or we did't go. period.

I also attach the end of it to the stroller and follow them so I can give directions if necessary. I try to always place my oldest in front and rear.

I wasn't too keen on attaching the kids to the rope because if one tripped and they were attached....well, you get the picture...dominos....
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