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I recently signed a dcf with the sweetest little dcg (8mths). The thing is, she will only take a small amount of formula, maybe two or three ozs a few times a day. I fed her baby food and crackers which she ate and I thought this was just her pattern. Dcm comes in the other morn and tells me that dcb acted like she was starving at home, eating non stop and how was she eating here? I said well...she doesn't want the formula and then I feed her food at lunch, breakfast and snack and stop when she acts like she is finished (spitting it all So she asks me if I can try to feed her food more often. I feel like all I get accomplished is trying to feed the baby and am afraid next week when I have more kids in care that this could be a problem. Shouldn't she still be drinking quite a bit of formula at 8mths? What do you all think?
Most 8 months old usually eat 6-8oz every 4 hours.

I know all babies eat differently but here is what my 7 month old DS eats in a day just so you can get an idea:

7am- 7oz bottle
9am- 1 jar of fruit and cereal
11am- 6oz bottle
1pm- 1 jar of veggies, and finger foods (puffs, mum mum, etc)
3pm- 6oz bottle
5pm- 1 jar of veggie or fruit and cereal
7pm- 7oz bottle
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