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Originally Posted by cheerfuldom View Post
what hours is the child there? are you licensed (aka required to offer a certain amount of food/formula at certain intervals?)
Yes I'm licensed and I feed her baby food at every meal the required combo of cereal/fruit/veg and she eats this up. Dcp brought bottles and formula from home because she is supposedly attached to this certain bottle/formula. When I try to give her the bottle she just turns her head away or shakes her head. (She really doesn't want it) So my thinking is maybe now that she has a taste for food she has decided she doesn't want formula. However the problem is that she doesn't eat enough food in one sitting to keep her full, so I'm trying to feed her food every couple of hours and I feel like this is taking up a considerable amount of time when she still should be having bottles of formula to keep her full and provide nutrients. kwim?
Also, yes she holds her own bottle- and won't have it any other way but she just takes it and squeezes it out all over the couch, carpet, etc...just playing with it.
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