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Originally Posted by Willow View Post

Or maybe mom is just feeding her more solids at home than you are attempting to there? The babies I've had run the gamut (including my own who were polar opposites!), some are eating almost no solids at that age, some that's about all they want. In the end as long as she's getting enough calories and her system can handle more solids at this point I'd ask mom to get a dietary statement from the pediatrician and take baby's lead.
Willow, I'd like to respectfully disagree with this. At 8 months, infant shoulds be getting their main source of nutrition and dietary needs from breast milk or formula. Their main intake shouldn't be solids whether the baby only wants solids or not - at 8 months they don't get to decide what's best for them. Breast milk or formula should be #1 with them, and solids coming in 2nd.

OP, if the baby isn't loading up on formula with mom and getting the recommended amounts then I'd either cut back on the solids you are giving her, or try giving her a bottle before meals so that she is getting what she needs first and eating solids afterwards. Definitely worth a try. Good luck.
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