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Meh, I guess I'm more inclined to side with a pediatricians input on this as I said. I may know a decent amount about nutrition but I certainly don't know everything.

Every child is different, dietary needs included. If mom is ok with it and an actual doctor says it's perfectly fine who the heck would I be to argue?

And sometimes children do indeed know what's best for them. I had a infant/foster toddler once who kept refusing grain/breads. I had to offer them, and I tried to encourage her to eat them as I thought was appropriate for her age.....only to find out she had a gluten intolerance several months after worrying she wasn't fitting into the cookie cutter expectations of what a toddler should be eating. They were literally hurting her body when she ate them. It was something she knew but couldn't express with words. I feel awful I didn't at least try to listen to what she was trying to tell me by refusing them.
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