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beachgrl 07:10 AM 09-22-2011
I have two right now that were my first kiddos and both are operating as drop ins currently because they know I have no other kiddos lined up and they use me typically 3-4 days.. occasionally less but not often. One family is great, gives me schedule for the week and the actual hours mom works he is care, pays cash. The other have been taking advantage and telling me one thing, then not letting me know or changing days or just not showing up or calling period and they have been a hassle. It has gotten better lately as I had to lay down the law with late fees and that they pay daily!! So its getting better slowly with them. I am doing it bc I have to now but am hoping to get some more dck's in here that would force them to have to pay for either a pt or ft spot for their kids. But they are functioning as full time so are used to being here and are not really drop ins so I can see what the others say about the routine and it being hard for the drop in kid and the regulars.