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MsMe 12:34 PM 09-22-2011
I do 'drop-in' care for a few kids.

I do not do 'drop-ins' that I don't know.

One is a former daycare kid whos Mom is a nurse and now only works two days a month. They are random-a month in advance. Latley she has been working, working out, running errands, and going to councling A LOT and was calling me twice a week! This month I got a list askign for 12 days!! He never puts me over numbers and is sweet boy that never casuses trouble si don't mind. She is going through a rough time and like mom2many I think of it as a bonus

Today I have the cousin of a current daycare family and he is good as gold....not like my full time mosters Hes Mom is a SHAM on a school field trip and he has actually gotten all teh rouwdy boys to play really well together today.

I also have a yearly drop in when a DCF has a friend from out of state coem to stay for a week. They always bring the kids one day that week to play while they have a day out and I have loved watching this little girl grow is fun to see how much she has chaged each year....

Long story short I WILL do drop in for families I 'know' but not for random a call...or like the post earlier today KNOCK ON THE crazy is that?