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I had a real dry period here too (Southern Ca). But a couple weeks ago I had this huge burst of phone calls. The only problem is they were pretty much ALL infants or pregnant. I was able to get a couple kids out of it, but now I am hoping for more toddler interest or just have to wait out till these babies are older! haha

This is where I advertise:
  • My website
  • Craigslist with a link to my website
  • I hand out my business cards to people randomly at Target or Walmart while shopping (if the kid is cute & parents look nice! haha)

The only site that actually gets bites is Craigslist or if someone randomly finds my website on Google. I hope this economy shapes up pretty soon! A lot of moms are staying home with their little ones these days. Good for the kids, but not so good for our biz!
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