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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
One of my little boys who is 2 1/2 will say "you hurt me" if I have to physically move him to time out or something he doesn't want to do. For example he threw a toy (nearly missing another child) which is a big no no in our day care. I reminded him of the rule and told him to take a time out. He told me "NO!" and ran away. I went and grabbed his arm and walked him back to the time out spot. Literally...we walked together. No pulling or dragging...nothing like that. As he sits down he says "you hurt my arm". To avoid argument...there is NO WAY he was hurt. He only does this when he gets in trouble, and it's becoming more and more frequent. My concern is that he will go home and say he was hurt at day care when that is absolutely not the case. He's a very bright little boy. I think he may get out of stuff at home by saying this...I'm not sure. But I'm tossing the idea around about talking to mom. Would you?
I had a kid that after holding his arms gently while giving him a lecture....he would keep looking at his arms as if I hurt him. Freaked me out!
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