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Originally Posted by MizzCheryl View Post
Not mocking at all. Why do you think he says that? Think about it.

Your suggestion gives him even more power. Nannyde's suggestion takes the power out of his comments.
You think calling him a liar is less shameful than just making light of his comment?
I disagree.
You are suggesting to stand there and argue with a 3 yr old, no way.
Wait! She isn't saying "you are a liar" she is saying "you are telling a lie". Not a word I usually throw around (it's one of those words I find harsh and avoid, but it's not wrong). I would say "fib" or "boy, you are really using your imagination on that". But, that's me and my aversion's of the word's problem.

I get what Nan was trying to say, and I know she's used a similar technique when kids say swear words (I've have learned that some things come across differently in writing). I think the part where the other kids chime in is across the line, though.
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