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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
Wait! She isn't saying "you are a liar" she is saying "you are telling a lie". Not a word I usually throw around (it's one of those words I find harsh and avoid, but it's not wrong). I would say "fib" or "boy, you are really using your imagination on that". But, that's me and my aversion's of the word's problem.

I get what Nan was trying to say, and I know she's used a similar technique when kids say swear words (I've have learned that some things come across differently in writing). I think the part where the other kids chime in is across the line, though.
It's a dilution method where you take the phrase and give it s nonsensical meaning.. then shorten down even further

I would call him "you hut me" then "u hermie" then hermie. He would be called Hermie till he went to kindy here. :-)

I've done this technique a ton of times and it works great. I'm in charge of nicknames in my little world and I'm brilliant at it.

I wouldn't spend a second correcting him when he accuses. Kids do what works and those are some pretty powerful words. I would release the power from those words and then... once cured... I would model hurt to him. I would not ever try to tell him to not say it. He's been to that rodeo and he loves loves loves the adult reaction. He would be thrown off kilter Iif we used the power for silly instead of the power he has gotten of getting the adult to DO him.
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