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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
No it's not.

If this would have happened at my house on the day the OP posted this, by now we would all be calling him Herm the Worm or something rhyming like that.

Just because a concept is a different approach from us bowing down to these fragile little creatures with paper thin egos, it doesn't mean it's cruel. IIt's a technique that changes the subject and removes the power of the words. It's simple and there are zero .... none... nada zip... repercussions.

Think outside the box. It's a light hearted teasing which never hurt a kid. In my world we tease each other. We do word plays. We make up our own words and everybody gets nicknamed... usually many over the years.
my kids love when I give them nicknames.......they know that I love them and I think for them it becomes like a pet name. Just like when you call your loved ones sugar-pie, , munchkin, or whatever you call him or her....
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