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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm new and I read your pur out for help and just wondering if someone came to your rescue. I really need some advice on starting a first time daycare from home.
I am done with all my paperwork for the license and had my apartment inspected three days ago. Will be glad to help with that if i can,- i am in New York city, - please write to
However i am still kind of clueless on how to get started in terms of finding private clientele (as opposed to those kids that come from networks and pay only $25 a day for a 10-hour day!!!) I know it is not the kids' fault that their parents have low income, but given that if god forbid something happens to a child in my care, I am liable to spend years in prison, I think I deserve to be paid at least $10/hour per kid, at least in my area (NYC). What do you think guys?
Anybody knows of agencies that place private clientele that can pay?
(Again, not to snob anybody, but quality childcare should not be taken for granted) Good luck and write to me if you want even if you are from a different state, - for some good ol' peer support. alex.
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