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Can you do an outdoor Imagination Station?

I keep a playkitchen, a small wicker side table, a kids table with four chairs and a few plastic drawer towers (from Target). We keep plastic play food, play dishes, baby dolls and accesories, play clothes etc. in the plastic drawers and the kids turn that area into at least 3 different things daily. Yesterday it was a restaurant, a post office and a house. Right now it's a coffee shop .

As we go we make props that we add to the drawers. For the post office I "addressed" some small envelopes and laminated them along with some small pieces of junk mail. They used a satchel-like purse as the mail bag and I even had a couple of USPS boxes that they would put stuff in and deliver them to "China". None of the stuff is really small so I doubt it could get trapped in the cracks.
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