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Hi again! I chose a house, but I bought . I think the very first thing you should do is contact licensing and get clarification on if you need to be licensed as a center. Here in Florida, if you do not physically reside in the house full time, you must be licensed as a center. This is not true in some states, so finding out how you would be licensed is your first step. If you are allowed to be a home daycare and not live there, the rules and regs are generally a little looser for home daycares than centers. If you DO have to be licensed as a , then location and type of building is super important, in my opinion. I looked for these things when I bought my center. Not on a major highway, but on a well traveled secondary road. Zoning---majorly important! Is the home zoned commercial, institutional, office, or residential? If it is zoned residential (like mine was), you may have to get a conditional use permit from your city , and that can be complicated (trust me on this). My center is located directly next door to an elementary school, 2 blocks from a high school, across the street from a church daycare, on city transit line, and in the outskirts if our business district. So yeah, location, location, location.
Lady, if you pm me, I will give you a link to my website so you can see my facility and read about my small center philosophy. Its a wonderful gig, small, low ratios, family-like, hone-like, a true hybrid between home daycare and center. The best if both worlds, in my humble opinion.
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