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hey..ive actually tried 3 times to pm you.. i dont know what the heck im doing wrong..ive went to your page and "sent message" and then from my page "send new message"... rolls eyes LOL do i have to be your friend or something??

in tx its the same rules as Florida..if i plan to operate outside of my house it has to be a center.. which is why im toying with all this, i was looking at the house having to be zoned and going thru the city for all that hoopla and then getting permission form landlord to even do it..renting a space might not be much easier?? then i did think about BUYING but i was scared of a 30 year loan IF it didnt work out.. i could always rent out the house i guess?? fact, to make it more difficult, im also thinking about the third option of being a licensed home where i can keep UP TO 12 children and stay in my home..
just wondering if i would really have more than 12 kids with just myself, my sis and husband to make becoming a center even worth it?? .. and if i were to hire others (which i really dont want to)..payroll issues, workers comp, blah blah..
by the way thats what i was pming you about..taxwise if you had to have payroll because you are a center even though its you and your husband..

girl if you can pm ME..that would be great to dont have to even say anything and perhaps it will allow me to respond to you?? i dont know what im doing wrong.. i would love to see your set up.. im really excited about the possibilities.. just scared too..
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