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Originally Posted by canadiancare View Post
It is a lot of work if it is a true celiac. They can't tolerate any gluten as it causes intestinal distress. This means you need spotless cutting boards etc. no cross contamination.

Some people throw the word celiac around loosely because gluten free is trendy right now but a true celiac will be very sick with contact - even possibly just skin contact.
So far, I have just spoken on the phone with the parent and have been told that it isn't serious, just a "little tummy issue" ~ were the words used by the parent.

Is there anything specific I should ask them?

Like I said, they are willing to provide meals.

They are a family from my waitlist and although the hours are good and will fit in with what I have going on this summer, I just want to make sure I have all the info I need before I agree or disagree.

Years ago, I wouldn't have considered a family that had any type of dietary need that differed from what I considered "normal" eating but the more I read and learn about diet now days has me really rethinking a lot of things.

Because of that, I am more willing to be accepting of different dietary needs IF it is something I can manage without jeopardizing the care of others or my sanity.
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