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Originally Posted by Willow View Post
If the parents were willing to supply all food I'd certainly consider it.

The only thing I'd be really concerned with is there being hurt feelings if meals and snacks don't match up. I could see that turning into a big "Well why does Janie get that and I don't! Not fair!" coming from both sides of the fence every single meal and snack you know?

I agree with canadiancare that it's become super trendy now to go gluten free and declare a little indigestion as Celiacs. If the parents themselves have declared it's just a little tummy issue I doubt they're truly afflicted, so at least in that regard you wouldn't have to use near the caution as you would as if they were officially diagnosed and actually suffering from it.
I already have one family that completely supplies meals for their child as the child is 100% dairy free.

The issue of other's being upset doesn't seem to be an issue so I don't think that will be a roadblock or trouble. * I think *

I also do NOT take anyone's word for any condition of infliction they "say" they have. I require a doctor's statement that CLEARLY outlines the diagnosis and the requirements of the diagnosis so I am pretty sure that requirement would prove or disprove the "trendy" stuff....kwim?

My biggest concern is I really don't want to have to do anything similar to having a severe peanut allergy in care....Does that make sense?

I don't want to worry that just because a knife touched a plate, that a child could possibly die. That is WAY to much liability to take on and I am cautious and hesitant about doing any type of "special" when possible death is a concern.

I just HATE not having info so until I actually meet with the family this afternoon, I don't really have knowledge of the severity of what I may or may not be dealing with.

Originally Posted by canadiancare View Post
There are 3 actual conditions. Celiac which is a genetic auto immune disease, gluten intolerance which is similar to lactose intolerance and wheat allergy which is rare and like a peanut allergy potentially deadly.
That's good information. Along with the link you previously provided. Thank you!
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