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The child I had everything was provided-even milk. I stored the milk at my house so it wasn't having to go back and forth everyday.

Nothing could be cross contaminated so I would fix their food first then the rest afterwards. They were allowed to have the fruit/veggies but that was it. All bread, snacks, special treats, sandwiches came from home. The parents tried the best they could to have special treats and snacks to not be to different then everyone elses.

It can also cause learning delays which this child had along with physical delays. They have been in special needs class their entire schooling so far-middle school at this time.

Lots of diarehha, blow outs and immunity seemed lower so they seemed to pick alot of sicknesses up. That was the issue though, you never knew if the diarehha was from the celiac or from being sick because of being frequent.

The childs parents I had were the best and did everything they could to maintain normalicy for their child but didn't take it lightly either. They didn't throw it around as an crutch for their child but were very active in finding out everything they could about it. They always kept me up on everything and if there were changes I was the first to know.

Its not just tummy issues and shouldn't be taken as so. There is alot to learn about this and constant updating in literature on it.

Ask for a doctors/nutrionist note confirming this. Let them know unless you have an official diagnosis you won't be able to do all the "extra".

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