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Originally Posted by Lyss View Post
I've had the "trendy" gluten free kid where DCP suddenly said DCB had Celiacs (DCB had been here 3mos, normal diet, no issues) but explained it the same as you are getting now "a little tummy issue." My DCP supplied the food at first for then realized how much it was costing and suddenly wanted me to provide it, but couldn't provide a DR note. DCB now eats what everyone else does (mostly), because DCM has changed her mind, "its not Celiacs, probably dairy" so now he has soy milk she provides.

In your case though, where DCPs are already providing it for both, I think I'd be willing to try. I might be hesitant if it was severe, peanut allergy like, as my kitchen is small and I'd be very paranoid of cross contamination from that or my messy little ones.
thats what I'm wondering too. When someone says "a little tummy trouble" what does that really mean.
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