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I have a child who is on a gluten and dairy free diet along with no red dye! His parents never said he had Celiacs disease, but he can't have ANY thing that contains gluten or dairy. At first I thought it would be really hard to manage. The parents did bring food at first, but I now buy it and it's not really that hard to make meals without those ingredients. Meijer (I don't know if you have one by you) has a gluten free dry section and also a freezer section, but since they are providing food, it seems like it would be easy. But after reading about all the things you have to do to prevent cross contamination if the child has true Celiacs disease, not just an intolerance I think I might be a little leary (sp?) of taking the child just because of me myself being afraid of messing up. The child that I have can eat off of plates washed in a dishwasher and stuff like that so it's just an intolerance.
And Willow brought up a good point of the other children wanting the other child's food. It would just depend on the child/ren. The child that I have that is gluten and dairy free is 32 months and he knows that certain foods will hurt his tummy and doesn't ever ask for the other children's food-he did try to grab a cracker once, but that's it. As for the other children who are 30, 21, and 19 months old, they aren't gluten free and they never really ask for the gluten free child's food and if they do, I explain that it's for M and he can't have our food or it will hurt his belly and they usually go back to their own food or occasionally I will let them try it. But with that said, I only have 4 out of my six children who eat table food sitting by each other and I sit with them when they eat so it's pretty easy to make sure everyone is eating their own food.
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