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Originally Posted by Country Kids View Post
I totally forgot the playdough thing!

I think its has to be a very researched thing before making the final decision.

I remember my kitchen becoming very, very sterile and not even liking my own family using it.
Sometimes you can make it a little easier on yourself by sectioning off things. I have a specific gluten free part of the pantry, certain gluten free utensils/plates/bowls, certain gluten free cabinet (for cookware), and a certain gluten free counter even. The gluten free drawer/cabinet/counter all have labels on them that read: "GLUTEN FREE! DO NOT TOUCH!" My counter is only able to be "gluten free" in this house that I purchased used because it is granite. If it were that plasticy-type of countertop (formica?) or wood I wouldn't trust it and would have to lay those flimsy cutting boards over it to set bowls/plates/cups on when preparing foods.

Sometimes, I think it'd jus be easier to wear a bubble suit.
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