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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Yes, I use disposable plates and cups so that part won't be an issue.

From what little info I have as of right now, it sounds as if it isn't super serious so that is good.

I will definitely be prepared though with lots of questions for this family!

The play-doh thing won't really be an issue as actual Play-doh brand stuff makes my DH gag so we rarely use anything other than modeling clay.

I have made home made play dough recipe's before but I wonder if I could use gluten free flour instead?...Do they even make that?

What do YOU use in your program?
They make several types of flours that are gluten free! I bet you could even google "homemade gluten free dough" and find a bunch of recipes!

I actually do use Play-Doh because I don't touch it. I was gifted some in October and was gifted some by another parent in March, so free is free!
I have the children clean up afterwards (they know how to make a big ball to pick up play-doh crumbs) and then I put on gloves and scrub down the tables. Their tables are already contaminated with gluten since the food program just adores grains and the only ones I'm not allergic to that I serve the kids are corn tortillas, taco shells, and rice. I wear gloves a lot!

I said it in another thread once, but I, personally, wouldn't take on a child with Celiacs. How's that for a double standard?
The lengths I go through to prepare my own meals and prevent any cross contamination are crazy and I have to make my meals when the children aren't awake. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking on a child with the same issues as me. I make and eat breakfast before they arrive. I make my lunch on my gluten free counter and eat lunch during their naptime when ALL of their lunch stuff if put away and everything is scrubbed down so that I don't accidentally ingest any gluten. I also make and prepare dinner after they are completely gone (unless I put my items in the crockpot and then they are safe as they have a lid on them).
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