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Originally Posted by butterfly View Post
It affects everyone differently. If I unknowingly get a small bit of gluten, I get very sick. Like having a bad case of the flu, with diarrhea. I get so weak and run down and can barely function. I have to have someone else care for my children, because I can barely care for myself when it happens. Some people have bloating, gas, stomach pain, etc. - anything associated with stomach issues. I've known some to break out in a bad rash in addition to all the other symptoms.
Same here with the addition of stomach pain that is tremendous. I can handle everything but the weak/run down feeling. When I've come into contact with gluten (at an old job it happened too many times due to their own careless ways), the lack of energy that I have is beyond ridiculous. I could drink 10 cups of coffee and still feel like I can barely move.
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