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I have two peanut anaphylactic kids in my care one is my son and the other is also allergic to shrimp, gluten and corn. All meals are packed from home so we have no problems. The kids know we don't share food and for holidays and crafts we do non-food activities. I follow basic cleaning guidelines like wiping down the table and having kids wash hands after each meal. It works great for us! I've been watching the DCB with multiple food allergies for a year now with no problems. We have epi-pens on hand in case of emergency and I take them with us when we go anywhere. If you are not preparing their food or snacks I don't see any problem.

One of the main things to ask allergy families is what their level of comfort about foods and cross contamination is. I do not allow my son to eat any packaged foods because of the risk of cross contamination. But DCB's mom allows him to eat anything as long as his allergens are not a primary ingredient. We have differing comfort levels. But like I said, if the parents provide all food and snacks the only thing you will likely need to provide is a clean place to eat and supervision so the kids don't share foods.

As for play-doh, a quick Pinterest or google search will come up with tons of fun goops and flubbers that don't require flour.
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